My Journey

Louise HolcombeSince childhood I’ve felt a deep affinity with all of life from the very soil of the earth to the stars beyond. The essence of life always seemed simple to me. It all seemed to make perfect sense. In fact as a child I thought I could get by on a smile alone.

On becoming an adult however, some things just didn’t make sense to me. A lot of the indicators from my adult world suggested to me that support could only come as the result of anxiety, worry and hard work. I became fearful and fretful about providing the basics of life. Struggle seemed to be the only path and fear seemed to be the only vehicle. I felt disconnected from the very rhythms of life. Life lived like this held no purpose for me. I became withdrawn, shy and increasingly anxious, and eventually I had no purpose, no job and I certainly didn’t feel a right just to ‘be’. That trusting little child and her smile felt a long way away!

Then, as if quite by chance, I heard of Reiki. Before long I had received my first initiation and I was immediately reminded of that underlying childhood belief ‘ at last I felt the pulse of life again. I became part of the natural rhythms of life again. For the first week after my First Stage initiation into Reiki I wanted for nothing at all! I was reunited with that deep sense of being totally supported and nurtured by life itself. I again experienced a sense of deep belonging. I was totally satiated. I felt completely sustained just by ‘being’.

For nearly a decade now I have been relearning how to manoeuvre through the construct of our society and have developed a new relationship with it. I am now open to the countless opportunities life has to offer. I now live from an open and trusting perspective. I’m so grateful to be living the life of an adult with the joy and freedom of a child in my heart!

I now see and appreciate life as nurturing and caring. I am passionate about sharing Reiki to help clear away limited thinking that restricts our life experience. I am honoured and deeply humbled to have the privilege of teaching and sharing Reiki with others.

My Vision

I see my practice as a stepping-stone for travellers on the exciting path of self-discovery. I see Reiki as a key that can unlock us to the joy of life, and I relish the opportunity to help others experience this joy. My vision is to help people use Reiki to release their fears of judgement,flower ridicule, lack, loss etc so they can become free of discord and in tune to express the unique and authentic song of their soul’s creative purpose. I believe that we are all essential players in the great symphony of life and that at our core we all long to sing this eternal song. My passion to share in this song of life drives and underpins my Reiki practice.