Experience a Reiki Jin Kei Do Treatment

A Reiki Jin Kei Do practitioner performs treatments by simply placing their hands in various positions around the recipient’s head and body working in the aura and directly on the physical body.  The energy flows through the practitioner’s hands to the recipient.  The recipient on a very deep intuitive level, draws the energy merely through the practitioner.  A Reiki treatment promotes deep relaxation and a feeling of peace and wellbeing.  Reiki is not a massage and treatments are conducted fully clothed.  A Reiki treatment can be given in either a seated position or lying down on a massage table.  A treatment usually lasts around an hour.
Some Benefits of Reiki

> Reduces stress and promotes deep relaxation
> Brings inner peace and assists healing on all levels
flower> Empowers you to take responsibility for your own health and well being
> Aids in the withdrawal from addictive substances
> Aids in releasing limiting thoughts and subsequent behaviours
> Brings wisdom and compassion to every day
> Assists personal development and consequently relationships


Please contact me directly to book a treatment or to find out more about Reiki treatments.